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Moog Volkswagen Zero-Emission Electric Car

Making a car concept is not baby game but every month and you can say some designers make adorable designs in few weeks. The making of body concept is not a difficult but making a concept of on running ability that how its run that is so important. Most of engineers try to make that concept whose run with lower electric power. I already posted many concepts of cars, like Futuristic Ecco Electronic Concept and Ferrari Celeritas, these are best concepts I think and you can see more by click here. Today here I am presenting amazing concept, The Volkswagen Moog by designer Klaud Wasiak recommend an all new visual and audible language of zero-emission electric cars of the upcoming time. The Moog would as well capable to catch sound and vibration from the road and transfer it into electric energy. The concept, which has been motivated by electronic music, more especially smallest techno, suggests how a future Volkswagen might sound like.

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