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Make Transparent Your Screen

Make transparent your laptop or iphone or i pad screen with out any adobe photoshop. Its a just a technique which release from a brilliant and naughty mind. It is very easy to make you should have only one camera to make your laptop screen transparent. Lets start it, just take a camera and take it that view which laptop screen outside from proper angel if you lose your angel then your pictures is not adjust on your screen, after two or more then 4 times you should got your picture after that save it into your laptop and set as desktop background and after that again make correct angel and match your real laptop background with laptop screen and only on one point your laptop or LCD screen look like transparent and after that take again a pictures of your transparent screen from right angel and share it on your IM or other place with friend to make your friend fool.

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Beautiful Cam Shaft Ferrari 458 Italia Car

This is really so beautiful and attractive model of Ferrari, ferrari is really very wonderful racing car and yes its also so much expensive but its nothing valueable for racers. Racers just want to buy new cars for best performances.  The guys at Cam Shaft have done a tatseful Ferrari tuning job with the Ferrari 458 Italia  by using chrome throughout the exterior. Check the out the pictures where you can see the slight chrome additions to the roof, winglets, and rear diffuser. Then you have the tinted taillights and black wheels to contrast the chrome effect. Overall, you have a unique Ferrari 458 Italia that has handled a chrome accent look quite well. Under the hatch, Cam Shaft tuners offer an ECU remap to boost the 4.5-liter V8 powerplant. After the tuning was performed, the Ferrari 458 Italia now produces 588 PS and 562 Nm of torque, a slight increase of 18 PS and 22 newton meters of torque over the factory engine.

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