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Landscape Photography By Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes is wonderful nature beauty and places inspired photographers whose takes amazing digital shoots of different pretty places, He is 29 years old and his date of birth is October 22, 1982. He is currently living in France and one of the best photographer in the france, After looking below all his photography you can also say and admire that he is really brilliant photographer, So today we are presenting here his beautiful photography and appreciate his works and its also inspiration for those peoples whose want to become a brilliant photographer and new in the photography field. Lets have a look below beautiful photography and don’t forget to leave you review about this brilliant nature inspired photography I must say these are really dreamy places.

Pretty Landscape Photography By Alexandre Deschaumes (20) (more…)

Wonderful Digital Photos Of Rivers And Creeks

Overhead pictures of tropical rivers reveal another curious aspect: the meandering course. A river will twist and turn, sometimes turning almost 180 degrees back on itself. The lack of slope and the clay-like soils of many tropical regions allow rivers to have virtually free rein over their direction. The volume of water flowing through tropical forests, coupled with the soils and varying water levels, can create great river cliffs over 100 feet high, even at regular water levels. These clay banks form an important part of the local ecology in parts of the Amazon. Macaws gather by the hundreds on some of these banks to ingest minerals that bind to and detoxify chemicals in the fruits they consume.

Beautiful Digital Photos Of Rivers And Creeks

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