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Hector Del Amo Futurictic Halicopter Concept

Without taking sometime technology changed day by day. Now this time is know as modern technology period. Today we are showcased here amazing conceptual technology. Human successfully make recently a machine which can fly and also run on road. But the design of that machine is not good and may be possible that is unsafe. Flying in the air and see the world from the say its dream of every people but some of them can able to make dream true with a lot of money. Some of peoples also see the sky from airplane but view from airplane window is not giving us a good satisfaction. But with the help of one man conceptual helicopter we can see all the things which we want and its also so cheap. I should say that if this helicopter concept become real then our stuck road traffic problem can be solve and most important thing is , its totally safe maybe easy to fly. Hector Del Amo create a fantastic shape, he is Spanish designer. The shape and whole concept of helicopter created by Spanish designer Hector Del Amo resembles the zero. Hence it’s called ZERO. This design should serve as a personal urban transport. Its size is very smart and you can also park on your roof or in your garden. I listed below some beautiful pictures of this concept. And we should pary that its become available in our future because its solve many problem of increasing population.

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