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10 Most Beautiful Skateboards Designs

Skateboarding is a modern sport for modern people. If you are trying to find an exciting hobby for you and to experience some crazy moments then skateboarding could be a good solution for you. When you are watching a guy who easily skates down the street, you are probably going to think how it is easy to do that. However, skateboarding is a hobby which needs a lot of your time and practice. For some skateboarders who do skateboarding every day, is very important to have the best skateboard. Also, they want their skateboard to be different from others. As a cause of such wishes, a lot of different skateboards have been made by different skateboarding fans and we have decided to show you here some of the coolest of them, right here and right now. Enjoy!

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Modern Chair Design

This modern modular lounge chair is not designed to be a stationary object, but a transforming piece of furniture art that changes shape on a whim.  The frame of this lounge chair folds upon itself into seven different seating positions including the arm chair shown above and the chaise lounge and bench chair below. Designer Balint Kormos crafted this chair as his diploma work for the University of West Hungary, which was presented to the Hungarian Design Awards in the Museum of Applied Arts. The chair features five frame sections with interwoven rope and leather cushion pads.  The frame itself is made of a dark-stained wood and connected with brass hinges.  This hinges allow for quick folding between positions, allowing its occupant to change the layout to their desired shape.

Modern Chair Design


Beautiful Shoes Designs By Hands

After meeting in design school at the Art Institutes, Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols began their design careers in their hometown of San Diego. As their lives and careers progressed they found themselves in two very separate cities: Josh in Chicago and Colby in Portland. Though it would seem the distance would end their creative alliance, the two found new ways to co-produce, proving they may possibly share the same brain. Jolby combines their talents through Colby’s artistic obsession with creatures and shapes and Josh’s creative love for pattern and texture. In 2009, Josh moved to Portland, OR bringing the two artists together to collaborate in the same city for the first time. Here we have some beautiful and really so amazing shoes which designing on the shoe draw by hands. Here we look at an awesome illustration art work on shoes.

Beautiful Shoes Designs By Hands (more…)

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