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The Taj Mahal Example Of Great Architecture Design

In a town known as Agra is situated in the northern area of northern India Pradesh, situate a stunning building. Its name, the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is a sign of the love of a prince in reminiscence of his dearly loved wife. At first fleeting look this structure similar to a mosque. But, in actuality this is a tomb.. For centuries, this structure became inspired a lot of peoples for the reason that of its ultimate magnificence. Arguably, the Taj Mahal is the most beautiful architectural design in the world. Taj Mahal is a memorial situated in Agra, India. Built on the wishes of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, as a tomb for the wife of the Persian. Taj Mahal was built in 23 years (1630-1653) and is the efforts of Mughal builders. In this big creation 25 thousand workers worked day and night. Taj Mahal building whose stature reaches 60 meters. The Taj stands on a stage, raised square (186 x 186 feet) with its four corners truncated, forming an uneven octagon. I cant not describe its beautification in words because its actually super creation of still this time. Many poet write different type of poetry on taj mahal. Today I am presenting here taj mehal outlook and inside look photos.

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