Day 10 – Idioms – Adjective

Hi, a very good evening to you, today Sir Sam has teaches us Idioms and ask questions from it and after that he ask us to write down our name and make 5 adjective from each letter of our name, I am pleased to learn it today, below is details.



Bob works as a manager in a furniture store.

Peter, his boss, is not happy about sales. Bob’s

new advertising campaign hasn’t helped. Peter

decides to fire him.


Peter: Bob, I hate to break the news, but our sales were down again last month.

Bob: Down again, Peter?

Peter: Yeah. These days, everybody’s shopping at our competition,
Honest Abe’s Furniture Store.

Bob: But everything in there costs an arm and a leg!

Peter: That’s true. They do charge top dollar.

Bob: And their salespeople are very strange. They really give me the creeps!

Peter: Well, they must be doing something right over there.
Meanwhile, we’re about to go belly-up.

Bob: I’m sorry to hear that. I thought my new advertising campaign would save the day.

Peter: Let’s face it: your advertising campaign was a real flop.

Bob: Well then I’ll go back to the drawing board.

Peter: It’s too late for that. You’re fired!

Bob: What? You’re giving me the ax?

Peter: Yes. I’ve already found a new manager. She’s as sharp as a tack.

Bob: Can’t we even talk this over? After all, I’ve been working here for 10 years!

Peter: There’s no point in arguing, Bob. I’ve already made up my mind.

Bob: Oh well, at least I won’t have to put up with your nonsense anymore!
Good-bye to you and good-bye to this dead-end job.

Peter: Please leave before I lose my temper!


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