Day 08 – Think Of An Animal

Hi, good evening, nice to see you again, is it me or all the students pleased to see our teacher Sir Sam, maybe it’s because he is so sweet and his personality is just like a smart attractive prince charming, his English accent is more than excellent and I always feel proud to be a student of him, best teacher.

Let’s start it’s day 08 and today my teacher told us to think of an animal and start writing a page about it


Angry Bird

Hi everyone, I am a bird and my name is Red, I live across Birdville near seashore, birds living here very calm and polite but due to some tragedies in my life I got angry most of the time and other birds call me Angry Bird, I deliver cake but one day on a child birthday I got very angry and his parents reported about my behavior to police and I got summon to see our judge in public court, judge listened everything and send me to relax center at there I met 2 more angry birds and a teacher who tries to teach birds to stay clam, I learned nothing from her, the day passed, on next day in our class while we were trying to relax by yoga, everyone was going to seashore and we also go there and I see a ship coming towards my home and it stopped by crashing into my home, I got very angry and suddenly ship door opened and a big green pig came out of it and he got everyone attraction due to his aerobics and sweet talk, I complain about my damaged home but he did not care about it, judge gave permission to live live on birdville, they look very suspicious to me but no one noticed why they visited and why they wanted to stay with us, however they just started to sing, dance and do gymnastic and everyone was mesmerizing to see them, I go to my home for sleep, at morning there are lots of pigs everywhere in birdville, I asked about it to big green pig and he said they are his brother and sister.

I was happy because Sir Sam claps and say good boy to me, thank you for visiting please come again, bye for now.

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