Day 07 – Words Game – Hangman Game

Good evening everyone, today is Day 07, my honorable teacher Sir Sam told us that he is in a very good mood so today we are going to learn by playing game and the first game is a combination of alphabets written on beehive structure and he divide all the class into two teams, boys leads the team a and girls leads the team b, he also mention the game rules for this game which are listed below:


  1. pick a letter.
  2. listen the question.
  3. if you know the answer only then raise your hand, do not speak the answer.
  4. Sir Sam will ask the question to whom who raise hand first from team a or team b.
  5. if the answer is correct then the team will win the point.
  6. if the answer is incorrect then other team will give the answer and follows the rule 5.
  7. if any team answers the question without permission of Sir Sam then other team will win the point.

seriously this game was fun and full of knowledge, the game goes very well beyond my imagination, due to one of our fellow we loose many points because he broke the rule 7, we lost this game by 1 point.


I got very excited by playing this game and after that game Sir Sam introduce Hangman Game, this game also have few rules which are listed below:

  1. one student should think of something.
  2. write it’s category on to board so everyone see it.
  3. draw dashes so other team can choose a letter for that word or words.
  4. if this is a correct word then the dashes will fill with it.
  5. if that is incorrect word then it should be written below.
  6. after ten mistakes the man will be hang and the other team loose the game.

this was tricky and interesting game I also enjoyed playing this game and we win this game with more points.

Thank you for stopping by, see you soon, good bye.

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