Day 06 – Garden Essay

Good evening, today Sir Sam listen Garden essay from everyone.


I have a beautiful home, everyday in the evening I go to my garden my garden right behind my home, I sit on my comfortable chair and sleep there for 30 minutes, soon the butterflies woke me up with their movements and I open my eyes viola the sprinkler is showering water in my garden and gardner is taking care of wasps, while after that he will cut the grass, I am looking at pond just right beside my fountains, this looks wonderful, the fence is blocking the outside animals. My charming & dashing teacher Sir Sam visited and I am pleased to see him, I humbly greets him and show him my beautiful garden, he noticed the bees in the trees and I told this to my gardner, my family cooked the barbecue and we ate in the shade of trees, we stay there for sometime and me and Sir Sam left the house for our class.

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