Day 04 – W Accent – Paragraph – Words

Good evening, today Sir Sam has teaches us the correct sound of W.


The W sound comes from mouth with round lips, this sounds like O.

Warren wanted to withdraw his equation from the contest on Wednesday.
To wander in the wild, away from people, and with the wildlife, makes me weep with Joy.

Words started with W, try to speak out loud with correct Accent.

West Weather Worthy Wine
Wax Wave Wallace Wild
Water War Walk Tidal Wave
Walter World Woodpecker One
Worth Wide Willing Worn out
Wash Anyway Ward Wall
Wire Wait Worship Worldwide
Well Wood Washington Warship
Worn Watch Worthwhile Walkway
Wear Woman With Waitress
Whether Women Word Wing
Wedding Wonder Widespread Waffle
Walkman Warning Wage Wall street
Warrior Wagon Wallpaper Boardwalk
Waist Walnut Waste Waiver
Wand Watermelon Wake Wannabe
Watson Waldo Warden Way
Walkathon Wardrobe Wedlock Walker
Warehouse Weed Walkie-talkie Weekly

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