Day 03 – Phonics – Common Errors – HW

A very good evening to you and welcome back, today Sir Sam told us about 1. Phonics, 2. Phonetics, 3. Phonology and the common errors in Pakistani accent, everyone is doing the same mistake and it is


T, it’s not ٹ
the correct word is ٹھ

P is پھ

C, K, Q sounds same کھ

why we can’t just use one letter instead of C, K, Q
the reasons are
if we choose and try to use one letter then the words beauty will be disturbed/vanished/wiped due to letter repetition
and the dictionary letter associated with that will be very big

Practice, Practice and Practice because Practice makes perfect

Here starts the HW, read out loud these lines with correct accent.

Can you come to cut the cake in the camp of my cousin.

Kind king kills the kind kangaroo keepers.

Queue of qualifying doctors quits the questions.

Here I have saved some words so I can revise them with correct accent.

Q1. Tong, اکھٹا کرنا
Q2. Trust, اعتماد
Q3. Coca,

Words starts with T

to tar tae task taxi taut today tight telco trump
ta tod tao tour trim tang times tower token timer
ti tam tas tool trio tram total teach tract tweed
the tot tew trip troy tele taken taste trunk tonic
two tor tet tend tray tact trade topic tying terra
top tad tye tony tent tong table terry toast torso
tax tat time tree turf tout trust tired tribe timid
ten tut take tape teen trot track truck towel toxin
try taj team tiny toss toad title teeth tutor tacit
tom til took tone tire tyre tried tries torch truce
tea tic term tech toby trey trial trace tooth taxis
tie tav told tall trek toil taxes trail teddy topaz
tap tup turn toll taps temp twice toxic trash tease
tip tux type tank tile tiff touch trick trout tuner
ted tsk tell tale tick tori train tenth tonne
toy taw test twin tidy taco truly tommy troop
tag teg talk till tilt teal truth tales tasty
tin tog town tune tomb tern trend twist turbo
ton tis text tube tuck texas tiger tempo
toe tel tail tort treat tense trans
tan tier tuna tread
tab trap tame tally
tee tear tart tenor
tug tide trait
tub torn tidal

Words starts with P

pa pod pul pool pour posh peep plate pinch please prayer polite paging
pi pic pur pace plea pave prim prize paste pivot policy praise
pe pew pow port pity ploy place proof pasta pouch person portal pickup pastry
put pea part pair pact puff point pride polar plump police preach
per pup past push pulp ping power plain peach prism profit patrol patron propel
pay phi plan pull peat peek press paint piety player picnic parody
pop pap play peak prop pear party pitch porch plank pretty poorly pierce patten
pro paw paid pure pier pawn price plane pixel poppy parent powder plague
pat ply park pink polo puck paper penny poker pager proper polish paving puppet
pan pix page pack pill plow phone piano peril picked porter plunge piracy
pin pry poor palm peel pall plant patch pagan palsy plenty plasma parity ponder
pet pah plus poll para prod prime punch puppy panda prison prompt pardon pigeon
pen post pipe poly prom prior panic pedal proven parade plaque proton
pit pass plot pony puma piece pause plead pursue postal plough peanut
pot path plug pest perk prove pulse penal polio partly purple pillow
pub pick peer pike pang peace proxy parry prefer parcel punish pirate
pie pain pump pint pate proud perry patent potent petrol
pad poet prep print pupil plush patty prince palmer pastor
pal pose papa panel pearl pocket pledge polled
peg poem photo plaza pluck permit pepper payout
pac pond pound pizza payer packed poster pistol
pas pole pilot piper patsy posse palace pencil pillar
pine prose pious pinto phrase potato piping
pray purse purge plumb planet purity peaked
petty people packet puzzle primer
public poetry potter parole
period parish poison parted

Words starts with

can cru cast cage cove chum cable comic chill
car cay chip cave chew cozy count cloth crest
cut cep cool cult colt clam catch chaos cries
cup cud camp curb curt could chose chuck cough
cos coz cook cent crab calif crowd canal crush
cap come coal clip comb chief crown cliff chalk
cat came crew cola comp cause clock costa couch
cry cost chat coca curl class chart canon cisco
cox call crop carr coma close cheap cease curry
cow city coat cite cuff court cream cried crust
cab case calm chad carp clear chest chile chess
con care cure crow claw child crash charm chick
cad cash carl cone cock cover chase creek creed
cam club cake chap coax cross curve cabin curse
cop core corn clad crux carry click crane cedar
coo code clay cube clot claim craft cheek creep
col card cafe calf chow check crude cubic cigar
cor cold coin cork cote china climb crisp chunk
cue copy cart coil cram civil crazy cruel crawl
cod cell cape cane clog chain carol clash cocoa
cot chin cute char coast civic coral crept
cub coup chop clap clean corps colon
coy chef chic coop chair cloud cache
cob cole cusp coach crack cheer
cog cord clan cosy crime cargo choir
clue carb cycle color cater
crib clerk candy

word starts with K

ka kas keel khat kapa kitty klutz krewe kukri
ki kat kiln koto karn knack kenaf kempt kudus
key kye keck kaon kays kraft kiddy kinin kusso
ken kue kris kuna kbar knelt kaput kafir kumys
kit know kilo kudu kats khaki knave kurta kyaks
kid keep keno kine kaif kudos kraal klong kyars
kay kind kale knap kail kappa kente kilim kyats
kin knew kink kayo kain kayak kazoo knurl kytes
kip king kilt kike kafs kneel kasha kalpa kythe
koi kept kart kuru kaes knoll kroon kebob kyrie
keg kill kist kora kadi karma korma knout kelps
kea kick kyte kolo kabs kinky kylix kloof kelts
kop kent kelp knop kaas karat kulak khadi kelly
kor keen kata kaka kane knell kissy kecks kemps
kab knee kino kaki keps krone karoo kedge kench
koa kiss kola kame kens knead kapok kheda
khi kirk kier kerf kelt krona kauri kanzu
kir knit kiva kobo keef kudzu kefir kvell
kep khan kerb koel keas ketch kendo krait
kef kohl kook kyat kegs kanji kicky kaiak
kif kemp kami keek keet kraut kabob khoum
kob knot kava kepi kefs koala kiang kerne
kos kite kore kagu keir krill kiddo kevel
kis knob kina knar known kooky klick kelpy
kex kana kudo kibe knife kebab kopek kyack
kae kern kith knur knock kugel kombu kurus
kaf kiwi koan kaph kiosk karst knish kvass

words starts with Q

qi quota quipu quench qwerty queued
qis queer quean quanta queans queuer
qat quake quirt queasy qubits quests
quit quilt quoit quiche quatre quicks
quiz quell quods quarto quarts quiffs
quid quasi quips quince quarte quiets
quad quits quins quokka quaffs quirks
quay quirk quids quinte quaigh quirky
quip quail queys quinoa quails quirts
quin quill quays quaver quakes quippu
quod quart quass quango quaked quippy
quag quark quate quaich quaker quipus
qoph quack quaky quahog qualms quired
qaid quash quais quagga qualmy quires
qadi quint quags quinsy qualia quoins
qats quant quare qiviut quants quoits
quai quale quads qintar quarks quolls
quey qualm qaids quinol quacky quotas
quite qubit qadis quitch quacks quohog
quick quire qophs quelea quaere quints
quiet quoth quartz quaggy quells quilts
queen quiff quarry qubyte queers quills
quote quaff quaint quotha queazy quinic
quest quoin quorum quoted queens quinin
query quern quinta quoter querns qindar
queue quoll quiver quotes quezal qabala
qanat quasar qurush queues qanats






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