Day 01 – 3 Basic Rules – Thousand Words

Good evening and welcome back, today I was very excited due to my first class.

Voila! I am surprised to see young charming teacher Mr. Sam, I am very pleased, he is speaking English like a Gentleman with excellent accent.

So the class started and I am surprised to know that there is no knowledge requirement to learn English, simply follow the 3 rules, 1. Read, 2. Listen, 3. Speak.

Buy an English animated movie with subtitles, watch the movie Listen the conversation and Read the subtitles, try it for 10 times and then choose a character and try to Read and Speak, this is going to be fun.

The very next move is to learn thousands of words in today’s class, see the below words and I knew that you already know most of them.


{ I have downloaded this list from the internet but soon I will replace it with Sir Sam list so it will be the same and I will try to fill all these with Urdu language }

page 1

about do in not sound we
after does into now still well
again don’t is number such went
air down it of take were
all each its off tell what
along end just old than when
also even know on that where
an every large one the which
and few last only them while
another find left or then who
any first like other there why
are for line our these will
around found little out they with
as from long over thing word
at get look own think work
away give made part this world
back go make people those would
be good man place thought write
because great many put three year
been had may read through you
before has me right time your
below have men said to was
between he might same together
both help more saw too
but her most say two
by here Mr. see under
came him must she up
can his my should us
come home name show use
could house never small very
day how new so want
did I next some water
different if no something way

page 2

able cut grow mother sometime
above didn’t half move soon
across dog hand Mrs. space
add done hard near States
against door heard night story
ago draw high nothing sun
almost during himself once sure
among early however open table
animal earth I’ll order though
answer eat I’m page today
became enough idea paper told
become ever important parts took
began example inside perhaps top
behind eye John picture toward
being face play tree
better family keep point try
black far kind ready turn
best father knew red United
body feel known remember until
book feet land rest upon
boy fire later room using
brought fish learn run usually
call five let school white
cannot food letter sea whole
car form life second wind
certain four light seen without
change front live sentence yes
children gave living several yet
city given making short young
close got mean shown
cold green means since
country ground money six
course group morning slide

page 3

already doing hot plant stopped
although dry hour poor strong
am easy hundred possible suddenly
America either ice power summer
anything else Indian probably surface
area everyone instead problem system
ball everything itself question taken
beautiful fact job quickly talk
beginning fall kept quite tall
Bill fast language rain ten
birds felt lay ran that’s
blue field least real themselves
boat finally leave river third
bottom fine let’s road tiny
box floor list rock town
bring follow longer round tried
build foot low sat voice
building friend main scientist walk
built full map shall warm
can’t game matter ship watch
care getting mind simple weather
carefully girl Miss size whether
carried glass moon sky wide
carry goes mountain slowly wild
center gold moving snow winter
check gone music someone within
class happened needed special writing
coming having notice stand written
common heart outside start
complete heavy past state
dark held pattern stay
deep hold person stood
distance horse piece stop

page 4

age famous lot seems wall
ask farm lower sent war
baby fell machine seven wasn’t
base figure mark shape week
beside flat maybe sides whose
bright fly measure single window
business forest meet skin wish
buy free middle sleep women
case French milk smaller won’t
catch fun minute soft wood
caught George modern soil wrote
child government moment south yellow
choose grass month speak you’re
circle grew mouth speed yourself
clear hair natural spring
color happy nearly square
copy he’s necessary star
correct heat New York step
couldn’t history north store
difference human object straight
direction I’ve ocean strange
dried inch oil street
easily information pay subject
edge iron per suppose
egg Jim plan teacher
eight Joe plane thousand
energy King present thus
England larger product Tom
especially late rather travel
Europe leg reach trip
exactly length reason trouble
except listen record unit
explain lost running village


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