Embarrassing Car Accessories

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Amazing accessories and its really work.

1. The Winged Spoiler

Okay, unless you’re driving in a professional race or drive a car that is worth more than $100k, then you have no business putting this crap on your car. If you just have to, please let it be an after market item and not some plywood you have laying around the yard…

2. Oversized Rims

I love me some nice chrome wheels, they can make even the shittiest car look half way decent, but when did we decide that putting wheels that turn your car into a monster truck look cool?

3. Car Name On The Windshield

It wasn’t enough that the car manufacturer put the name and several logos throughout the car that you felt the need to splash the make and model of your car on your windshield? Thanks captain obvious, I had no clue you were driving a Thunderbird…

4. Under Car Neon

How did this even happen? What purpose does under car neon lighting serve? It doesn’t look cool, doesn’t give you better gas mileage, and certainly doesn’t make your car run better. Are you driving a car or a 24 hour liquor store?

5. Fuzzy Dice (or anything other than a parking pass) In Your Rear View Mirror

Look  at this picture…enough said? WTF are you going to do, pull over at a red light and play the Price Is Right Dice Game?

6. Car Hydraulics

I get the whole lowrider thing, even think it is cool to a certain point, but why do we need our cars to jump up and down like they have ADD?

7. Ground Effects

While we’re picking on lowriders — I think ground effects are cool on certain cars, but when they are on the ones that obviously have no business being on, or, even worse, are homemade; that shit just won’t work.

8. Big, Loud Ass Mufflers

Your car sounding like a nuclear powered weed eater is not cool. If you can wake up the neighborhood or set off another cars alarm with your muffler, then something is wrong.

9. Bumper Stickers

I think even one is too many, but I understand if you want to share that your kid is an honor student or that you voted for Bush. When it gets out of control is when you put a sticker for every thing in the world that you are passionate about.

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